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Automotive stamping automation and informatization meeting goes wellHome >> News and information
Automotive stamping automation and informatization meeting goes well
DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 554

On May 20, 2015-22, by the Chinese press association "2015 metal forming industry automation and information technology conference, automotive stamping automation and information technology application" in yangzhou city, jiangsu province was held successfully.

Attending enterprises including automotive stamping equipment, spare parts, such as robot manufacturers, companies, more than 110 experts and scholars from all over the country and enterprise representatives to attend, the meeting is divided into technical lectures, seminars and enterprises to visit three links.

The meeting

Link in the technology lectures, China forging association deputy secretary-general JiJunHe welcome address, and to attend the masterpiece "the stamping processing industry of the future development of our country" report. Shanghai Volkswagen co., LTD., Harbin institute of robotics group, xiamen tai tian machinery manufacturing co., LTD., Beijing fanuc machinery co., LTD., foshan, united auto mould fittings co., LTD., Siemens (China) co., LTD., huazhong university of science and technology, jinfeng machinery industry (China) co., LTD., wuxi hua guang auto parts group co., LTD., jinan second machine tool group co., LTD., etc. 10 companies from stamping automatic production line management, forging automation equipment, intelligent stamping die design and the development of automated processing, automobile stamping automation and information technology applications, stamping automation configuration and control principle of different angles, such as do the report.

Free to discuss

Afternoon free discussions, the representatives of several problems such as the application of automation, stamping workshop information, the delegates to communicate, brainstorming, many Suggestions are recognized.

22 morning, delegates visited Shanghai Volkswagen co., LTD., yizheng plant corporation together. The plant of advanced manufacturing technology, standardization of quality system has been praised for standard chemical plant is the Volkswagen group in China.